The Best Year of My Life: Introduction


Last night, I was driving around listening to Coast to Coast radio, something I normally do when I can’t sleep.  As George, the host, interviewed “experts” about remove viewing spies and backyard alien abductions, I found myself intrigued as I often am and wondering just how many of these things could be true. When we’re younger, we often believe in all kinds of things, only to go through the Santa Sydrome(realizing the belief in Santa Claus is ridiculous), and become staunch realists.  I have always resisted these lines of thinking and have held true to my most innocent and childish thoughts.  My mother’s proudest moment, if she were still alive, would be that I still believe in fairy tale endings, love at first sight, alien encounters, a higher power…and yes, Santa Claus.  Call me crazy, but I’ve always believed that having a colorful and magically creative world around us makes it entirely too difficult to be miserable and unhappy. 

For some reason, listening to this one “expert” discuss how to turn negative energy into positive energy I realized that I had somehow drifted away from my old way of thinking; laughing til I thought I’d collapse, singing at the top of my lungs in the car, dancing in the kitchen and ultimately dashing care to the wind.  Yes…I had grown up and started caring about things like, “I wonder what Mrs. Smith would think?” or “I wonder what my old co-workers think when they see my pictures?” etc, etc…But why do I care?  Because maybe I’ve never found true acceptance.  Or…because maybe I can preach total self-acceptance but am unable to do the same myself.  What hypocricy! And that’s when it hit me hard…not so much like a punch in the stomach…more undeniable…more like a hard, swift kick in the balls. 

For the past five years since my mother’s death, I’ve lectured about living every day as if it’s your last, enjoying every aspect of your life, allowing every day to be a learning experience, living juicy and free and basically making the most of your life.  This is not a dress rehearsal.  Yet most days I find myself, hands in pocket, strolling through life.  What happened to the little kid who wanted to put on puppet shows for hours or dreamed of being a movie star or bestselling author? What happened to having a house filled with colorful candles, fresh flowers, crazy art work and books, books and more books? What happened to living the juiciest and craziest, yet fulfilling life possible.  Hell…I had even made a video claiming to stick to a 30 day plan and fell off the goal wagon after day 2!

Enough already! Enough, I thought.  I need to bring all areas of my life together. Years before  client had told me that she felt I could help her the most because I had the counseling background and had made many significant changes in my life but I also lived a crazy, extravagant life through our website raannt, and I could teach her how to have a fun and crazy and carefree live too! Yet I had somehow forgotten how to do this myself. 

And then, driving through the countryside with the window down, I thought, maybe I need to really act like this is the last year of my life, make it the best year of my life and document the journey, while guiding others with the knowledge I already use every day.   And instantly the song on the radio changed to Bob Dylan’s Blowin in the Wind, my mom’s favorite song.  Call it chance or synchronicity, but to me, it was a sign.  I was on the right track. 

So here it is…For the next 52 weeks I’m committed to living the best year of my life! While I’m doing this, I will giving myself assignments, which I encourage you to follow along with me.  At the end of the year, I will be turning this journey into a written example, and hopefully I’ll find that it worked…I did live the best year of my life…so far.  And then I’ll start over!

Starting tomorrow, I will post the assignments for the Introduction week and what assignments you will do on a daily basis.  I give almost all of my clients creative assignments regularly.  The ones who do the work receive the most change.  The ones who don’t only cheat themselves!

Several years ago a new client told me she only had enough money for 10 sessions and could I “fix her” in that amount of time.  Of course, forever the internal optimist and consummate businessman, I told her yes, definitely.  She told me she wasn’t afraid of assignments, readings, movies, whatever as long as I continued to give her more.  After the third week I found myself struggling for new ideas for assignments because she completed every single assignment I gave her.  Sometimes we discussed and processed them and sometimes we didn’t.  But she knew they were her assignments and she was proud of them.  During our 9th session, she asked me if I felt she had completed her work and was ready to move on without seeing me.  I could not find a single reason why she needed to continue.  To this day, she remains my most positively changed client…and she did all of the work.  It was her journey which she allowed me to join.  When I started working with her, I had no idea if she would be successful or not.  But I really, truly believed she would be successful.  There is a huge amount of power in hope and belief.  If you don’t believe you’ll be successful, you won’t.  I know this next year I’ll be successful…do you?

If you’re willing to take the journey with me go out and get a notebook.  Any notebook will do, but it must be empty of any work; a completely blank slate.  Tomorrow I will give an overview of the program and your daily goals. 

And you better do it…cuz as my mom used to say, we’re on borrowed time as it is! Please follow along with my Best Year of My Life videos at my YouTube channel HERE! And make sure you subscribe and comment! Love ya!


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