The Reinvention…

Sometimes I like to imagine I’m a badass bank robber hiding out in some small town, sleeping in a small, hot room in a boarding house while some old grandma type makes me coffee in the kitchen below. Other times, I like to imagine I’m laying on a bed on the Titanic in it’s last minutes. What would I think? What would be my last thoughts. Sometimes I like to imagine I just won the $100 million dollar lottery. What would be the first thing I would buy? Would I really give any to charity? Maybe I’d just disappear.

I’ve been thinking a lot the last few days about my reinvention. I think its important to reinvent yourself often. Change things up. Dye your hair a new color or get a new haircut. Buy clothes you wouldn’t normally wear and force yourself to become accustomed to wearing them. I already have my physical transformation planned for this fall, I just need some preparation getting there. What would your physical transformation be if you could change anything. Why aren’t you working on it now? Life could be over soon.

I used to see this client who had this amazing imagination technique. She would stand in her living room and imagine she was a famous singer on stage singing to thousands of fans. She would plug in her ear phones and become that person. Sometimes she would imagine she was running a marathon and would talk to her friends she was running alongside. Often, in her imagination, Alex and I would be on the sidelines, rooting her on. She thought she was crazy. She wasn’t. She was creative. She had one of the most creative minds I had ever encountered she just needed a way to channel those imaginative skills into creative productivity. I hope she’s learned to love that part of herself. If she hasn’t, at least I’ve learned how to apply it to my life.

Today, I drive around town, singing at the top of my lungs. I imagine I’m Kenny Chesney or Tim McGraw and fans are throwing stuff on stage at my feet. I try to really stand inside and imagine what they must feel like in that moment, because it is so appealing to me. Often, while walking into a crowded restaurant or shopping mall, I’ll imagine myself walking through the very same place, but everyone is staring at me because I’m super famous. I had a client tell me one time they thought I was obsessed with fame. At first it pissed me off, but the more I thought about it I realized he was right. Fame means you have acquired ultimate acceptance. But who am I really looking for acceptance? Myself.

I’m the fan standing in the audience looking at myself. I’m the person standing in the mall wondering “who is that guy?”. This is where the real reinvention begins. Understanding why it is important for you to feel different than you already feel, accepting that you’re ok if you never achieve that change and plunging full force ahead into becoming the person you want to become.

Let’s be honest. It’s great to be all philosophical and humble, but if we want to be movie stars or famous writers, why can’t we? Why is it so bad to want the best in life. Why would we want the worst in life? Just because we aim higher doesn’t mean we’re self centered…it means we’re goal oriented. It means we’re dreamers and dream makers. Some people will never understand and those have been the people we’ve been trying to please for way too long!

Who cares anyway. Life is too short to worry about what other people think. I’ve worried too damn long and it hasn’t gotten me anywhere. Most people don’t respect my moral choices anyway so thank God I didn’t do it for them. But maybe now it’s time to aim a little higher.

Maybe now…it’s time to be the Most Interesting Man in the World…because we’re on borrowed time as it is!


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