I Lost 10 Pounds in 1 Day…Weight Loss Challenge Day 2

In this picture above I am almost 10 pounds heavier than my goal weight…but I think I still look good. Therefore, I’ve realized that it isn’t so much about what I weigh as much as it is about how I feel. I think I’ve decided to call my journey, Passport to Beautiful, in reference to my passport picture from several years ago that I showed in my video yesterday. If you didn’t watch my video yesterday, please watch it here so you can hear about my self challenge So Fat Weight Loss Challenge: Day 1.

Yesterday was hard. Really hard. Although I’ve known it for several years I didn’t realize fully until yesterday how strong my food addiction has become. Being a recovering alcoholic and addict for 17+ years I realized I’m going to attack this the same way I attacked my other addictions in the early days.

Your comments and messages have been so encouraging and inspiring so please keep them coming! And please join me on my journey. Watch today’s video: Lost 10 Pounds in 1 Day and keep the video comments coming as well. In fact…leave me some video responses and join in my journey.

As I said earlier, yesterday was tough as hell for me and I craved food all day long. But today…I feel great. So please watch the video, share it with people and hear about the struggles I went through on Day 1.

I love assignments, especially creative assignments. So…tonight I’m going to make a Passport to Beautiful, a traveling vision board of what I want to look like and what I encompass as beautiful. To me, beauty isn’t just about how you look in a bathing suit or if people envy your body at the gym. To me, beauty is in the laughter you share with others, the dreams you press yourself to achieve, the kind attitude you have in everything you do, having gratitude for everything in your life and the ability to love yourself. Once I’ve overcome my initial weight loss struggles, I will get just as honest about those things I need to change in my life so that I can eventually live the most beautiful life possible. (I don’t have much to complain about…my life is pretty damn good already!) Because we’re on borrowed time as it is!

And thanks for all of the suggestions for the movie Forks Over Knives…I plan to watch it tonight!


2 thoughts on “I Lost 10 Pounds in 1 Day…Weight Loss Challenge Day 2

  1. Passport to Beautiful…Love it! I too am turning 40 in September and I am actually putting off getting my passport photo taken for a trip my Mom is taking me on for my birthday because I don’t want to look like a fat ass…I’m in on your journey…I started a week ago and am down 5.5 pounds. I chew lots of gum and eat an altoid when I’m hungry. I am also an emotional eater…I eat when I’m happy, I eat when I’m sad…I eat to celebrate and eat to mourn…I know I will never be small, but I want to feel good about ME! I’ll be watching you!

  2. Wow Peter, I read through my post last night and I want to apologize for calling you Alex. It was a long day and it has been a long week. I woke up this morning a pound lighter. So, 10 pounds in one day. I impressed. I lost one pound for a total of seven. Today has been difficult… It is not the food, as a matter of fact, I haven’t followed my diet today because I ended up vomiting last night and this morning. So today has been a very small eating day with the core support shakes for breakfast and one just a few moments ago with some rice cakes and nuts plus sunflower seeds. Other than that, I am trying to keep the food intake to a minimum to keep it down. I felt good all day otherwise and this has been the first day in a very long time that I haven’t come home from work to take a nap. So my energy is up without caffeine… Amazing… My kidneys or back hurt only late in the night tonight. I think when I stop drinking water the kidneys are begging for more.
    I want to make a vision board too. I will post when I am done.
    Have a great night.

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