So Fat Weight Loss Challenge! Day 1

I am so tired of being fat. Fat, fat, fat. I will be 40 this summer and I want to look the best I’ve ever looked! I help people every day achieve their dreams and get over their problems but I can’t seem to beat the one thing that brings me down the most. So, I’ve decided, after having seen the movie Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead(which you can watch on Netflix or visit there website to learn more), to begin a juicing reboot for 10 days and then work into a vegetarian diet. Every day I will be writing on here and making videos to update my progress. I’m asking for help in my journey as well as hoping some people might join me. I don’t care if you have the same plan as me as long as your plan is for the well being of your health, not just a diet because lets be honest…diets don’t work! I plan to be ruthlessly honest about my journey, including my struggles, my weight and what things I hate about making these changes. I’m crossing my fingers and hoping and praying…because we’re on borrowed time as it is!

Please leave me comments…offer me suggestions, or whatever and maybe together we can make a change!


9 thoughts on “So Fat Weight Loss Challenge! Day 1

  1. Congrats on making a real lifestyle change! I’m quite a bit younger than you (26) but came to a similar realization a while ago. I’ve lost 30+ pounds over the past three years just by making moderate lifestyle changes (no more elevators for anything less than 5 floors, light beer only, increasing whole grains, etc). Especially in the past year, I’ve been focused on finding workouts that I really enjoy – I’m a runner, who knew?!? – and learning to find indulgence in healthy foods. Anyway, it’s all about lifestyle changes and not dieting! It’s not easy, but when it works…it’s easy to get hooked on the pride of positive results! I can proudly say I’m way healthier and hotter at 26 than I was at 16… and I hope to say the same thing another 10 years from now! Best of luck!

  2. I really enjoyed your Day 1 video because I can relate to the challenge! Diets don’t work for me because I can’t stick with them. I used to be a vegetarian as well and was at my best weight BUT I was working out 5 days a week too!
    I don’t have a schedule that I can stick with (Life Happens) and I have others in my home & they all want to eat the Bad stuff and since I cook for them, well… One of my biggest problems is WINE – I read that sugary alcohol slows metabolism down by about 75% so every glass just kills any diet. I did find a little solution to that. Instead of wine, a Gin & Tonic has the least calories even though you still get the metabol kill.
    I just took up running…(Two weeks ago) Why, because I have never seen a FAT RUNNER.  I don’t mind the run by myself I have my tunes for that – it’s just, being on the trail is really creepy when I’m on it alone +__+ After the 2nd day of running I could hardly go down a set of steps.
    My plan is – to stay away from Red meat, eat a lot of veggies, fish, and chicken and create a schedule so I can run at least 2 times a week…I would like to lose 35 lbs – I know I would feel super great!
    BUT can I stick with it?
    Good Luck I will be listening & rooting for you even though you don’t look like you need to lose too much weight!!!

  3. Alex, I think that you are so brave coming forward with this issue. We have talked about this before and I have to say that this is just what I needed.
    I went back to my doctor that I had broke ties with about five years ago and she was very concerned with the surgery that took place four years ago that delt with me having 32 hernias and ulcers in my stomach. I thought that there was something strange that my other PCP didn’t follow up and I was basically ignoring the symptoms of what was occurring in my body. I am more of an emotional eater where I eat to make myself feel better. I noticed that when my new PCP (returning back to) asked me to keep a food journal that certain foods recycled constantly on a daily basis. IE: breakfast: bowl of special K cereal with 2% milk and a coke zero, drive into work, stop and gas station to grab a 32 oz. diet dr. Pepper and a muffin for mid morning snack. Lunch: return to speedway and get another 32oz diet dr. Pepper and hot cheetos or hot fries .$.99 bag. Return to work and grab a chocolate milk to go with my Hot fries/Cheetos. Come home from work and make egg or tuna salad for dinner while drinking 2 more coke zeros and maybe a diet red bull. Dinner: tuna salad with egg, mayo, and garlic salt with wheat thins, reduced fat. Late night snack: Anything chocolate and another one to two coke zeros and a glass of milk for bed. That was a typical day for my diet and my diet would hardly vary. My PCP said nothing and ordered blood work. I went to get my blood drawn and I swear I was I there for a half an hour getting vial after vial drawn from my body. I received a phone call 3 weeks ago stating that my PCP wanted me to come in her office to discuss my blood work up. I was shocked to find out that I am HIGHLY allergic to everything that I was putting into my body daily. The two highest allergic reactions were to…. milk and wheat and egg was a strong third. Well, if you look at my diet, other than the tuna, that was all I was feeding my body. My levels are off the charts…. 3 is an allegic relation and my numbers are up in the 30’s and 40’s. Surprisingly enough, I had no other issues with my blood work up. My cholesterol is great, thyroid is fine, blood sugar great, etc. on down the line. So my first challenge started this last Friday and I am doing an entire metal detox core restore where I fasted for 48 hours and I could reintroduce food into my diet yesterday. I will spare you the details of what has been coming out of my body, but believe me, it is working. The best way to describe how I feel is relieved, relieved to know that there was an answer to why I am over-weight and why I crave the foods that I crave. My PCP said that food allergies are like alcoholics, that once you feed your body what you are allegic to that it craves it physically and your body wants more and more of what is causing it to be sick… Funny why your body would want to do something like that to you? I don’t quite get that. So, now I am on my second day of eating my new diet that consists of breakfast: core detox drink, 4 supplement pills, one cup of almond milk, one cup of gluten free chex cerial (yummy), a good size handful of almonds… 10-12, 100% juice (grape), Midmorning: banana and a handful of rice cakes(totally yummy) plus I have drank 3 16 oz. of water by now. Lunch: gluten free chocolate meal replacement bar that I found at Kroger (really good) and cashews along with a huge glass of water. Mid day snack: carrots with hummus and sunflower seeds and a V8. Dinner: vegan burger with gluten free mayo and gluten free cheese with a bagel that is wheat and gluten free along with core detox drink and another set of 4 supplements. After dinner snack: rice cakes minis with almond butter Water, water,water.
    After all, you did say it is what you eat that matters. Honestly, I have a hard time trying to eat all of the food that I am suppose to eat. I have lost six pounds in four days and will try to post how it is going. I don’t know if this helped out anyone but me It felt great to write this all out for ME! So hopefully I can read more posts, updates and ideas and get motivation from here to continue on. BTW, my program is a six month detox so mine will eventually have to become a lifestyle change. Also my PCP does NOT want me working out the first seven days, I will incorporate exercise Friday.
    Side notes:
    Today… I miss coke zero a lot:(
    I am very bloated, my kidneys hurt,(called PCP and she talked to me for 15 minutes and said more water. You are suppose to drink half your body weight in oz. if you weigh 100 lbs. drink 50 fluid oz.She also told me she was proud of me:) and that my body is going through shock and if my kidneys continue to hurt to call her in three days that this was a typical side-effect
    . Some other unmentionables…. But overall I feel good.

  4. I am so proud of you Peter !! Totally support your journey 1000% you have the exact attitude going into this and you have motivated me to re group my own eating/ workout regiment .. You know I do love to workout so I would be happy to share anything I can with you. I truly have a passion for healthy living so please do not hesitate to ask if you need any advice. I am going to start a 10 day cleanse this coming week so I will be on your bandwagon to healthy living!! Love ya and good luck !

  5. I feel all those things you said. I hope to find my own inner strength to make a life style change. Thanks for being honest, it gave me a lot of food for thought.

  6. Followed! You can do it!
    As an introduction I leave you with my favourite, and only quote that I’ve ever really cared about:

    “Your future self isn’t any less likely to stop procrastinating than your present self. Stop trusting in the future. Do it now.”

  7. This is Peter and I wanted to comment back on all of the comments I had received so far! Wow!!! You ladies have truly inspired me! First, thank you so much for taking the time to write so much. Wendy, you and I have talked about your story many times and to hear this new news is frightening but also encouraging. Please please post with me daily and keep it up. We can support each other! Marissa…thank you for the comment “we get hooked on the pride of positive results”! Amen. I love that and needed to hear it said! Miriam…lol…you said the one comment I’ve needed to hear from people for the years…”I’ve never seen a fat runner”…haha! So true. I was a runner for years and ran 5-7 miles a day. It took me 20 minutes to get into it and after that I could have ran all night. I’ve missed running so I can’t wait to get started again! Laura…you’ve already inspired me so much with all that you’ve done. Anji…any change is possible. And L…I’m a quote saver so thanks for the quote! well here’s my thoughts at the end of this first day…we in AA have a question/saying…Is your short term happiness more important than you long term success? I want to live a long, happy life. I want to be successful but I also believe in realistic moderation and finding a plan that works for me. I’m also a believer, just as a suggestion, that if alcohol is keeping you from reaching your goals maybe take a look at the role alcohol plays in your life.

    In the last 17 years of my life I have drastically changed everything negative to positive. But…I am a work in progress ever learning new lessons from new teachers. You all are my new teachers. Thanks so much. Please pass on that I am doing this and encourage people to watch my videos and subscribe and leave comments. You all are the best and have made this feel like the right decision!!

    Peter…a former fatass!

  8. Congratulations for making the decision to create a healthier life for yourself! Like many people, I have had periods in my life where my body hasn’t been the size I’d like for it to be. One other point that has been important for me…I’ve changed my focus from “losing weight” to living a healthier life through healthier food choices and exercise. I’ve never liked the term “losing weight” because psychologically we usually want to find something that has been lost…I think that “releasing fat” is a much better description. But, I digress… I’ve tried different eating and exercise regimens and I ha e two sources that have helped me on this journey and I’d like to share them with you. Check out the book “The Engine 2 Diet” by Rip Esselstyn. There is also a ton of great info on the author’s website The author was a professional triathlete for many years and has maintained his peak physical fitness through following the plan outlined in his book. His plan is essentially a nutrient-dense vegan eating plan. I’ve tried most of the recipes in his book and have been blown away with how easy, tasty and satisfying they are! Oh, and he references a lot of medical research that supports his claim that this way of eating is the healthiest way we can eat. I highly recommend this book. My second reference is a documentary that is available via Netflix titles “Forks Over Knives.” The majority of contributors are physicians (one happens to be the father of the author of The Engine 2 Diet). The author of the Engine 2 Diet is also in the documentary. The book and the documentary are very supportive of each other and go hand-in-hand. These two resources have certainly helped me to transform the way I think about food and health! Good luck on your journey to a healthier you!

  9. Love you Peter!!! So glad you watched the movie 🙂 I have a great workout plan for you when you are ready. I will go to the gym with you at midnight and work out with you if you want me to! xoxoxo

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