Heiwa…Prayers for Japan…Stop for One Moment…

Today…as you go about your day, saving lives, serving coffee, teaching children, gossiping, designing clothes, cutting hair, dispensing medication, walking dogs, making love, eating fast food, sneezing, writing blogs, road raging, cussing, commenting…stop for one moment, close your eyes and say a few positive words for the people of Japan. And may our words carry a tune across the oceans and lift their spirits so they may not feel so alone in this devastation. And may we realize that this may be Mother Nature’s way of teaching us to walk a little slower, breathe a little deeper, love a little longer…and find the truth and gratitude in our days before they are quickly over. Be true to who you are because it could literally all be over in one…quick…second…Heiwa


To Donate to The American Red Cross to Aid Japan go HERE!

Eyes Open, We Should All Be Watching!
Please comment below with words of love and peace!

*Photo by Chris Almarinez


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