what dreams may come…

I’ve gone through a lot of transitions in my life. A year ago, I was struggling with feeling as if I were really achieving anything that mattered in my life. Late one night I was sitting on the front porch, talking on the phone to my friend who had recently moved to Vegas. She and I were discussing the law of attraction and how we both believed that if you really wanted something and you visualized it, then it would happen for you in your life. In less than three months, she had payed off her debt, been offered amazing opportunities, accomplished an amazing career and was living her dream.

Even though I had nothing to want for I still did not feel as if I were living my dream.

She suggested that I should make a list of my dreams and write them down and visit them several times a day. As soon as I hung up the phone, I grabbed pen and paper and made a list of ten things I wanted to accomplish. The next day I woke up and completely forgot about the list.

Weeks went by and once again I found myself sitting on the front porch talking to her on the phone. “How are your dreams coming along.” She asked. I embarrassingly admitted not one of them had been fulfilled. “Did you write them down?” she asked. I quickly answered yes, almost resentful but happy for her at the same time, that her life continued to improve while my dreams continued to drown. “How often do you read them?” She asked. And there was the crux of the problem. I didn’t even know where they were…

“Put them in your phone.” she suggested. “Make sure you read them every day. Believe they will come true. If you don’t believe in your own dreams…who will.” She said.

And she was right. They were mine and if I wasn’t going to put them into action, why should I believe that anyone else would make my dreams happen. So, I grabbed my phone and made a note with my dream list. I called her back and she had me read the list to her over the phone. I was embarrassed that on the list, between have a loving relationship and pay off all of my debt, was a dream to drive a Porsche Cayenne. “Don’t be embarrassed.” She said. “They’re your dreams. Dream as big as possible!”

And so I did. I made a new list of ten things I wanted to accomplish. That was January. In the past six months, I have achieved six of my ten goals, and the other four are not accomplished because I haven’t pushed hard enough for them to happen. There is always a way.

At the top of my list is to complete a book and have it published. Almost everyday, I’ve been working on my memoir about my treatment experiences as well as having started a juvenile fiction book for teenage girls. It will happen. I just need to find a literary agent or a publisher who believes in me as much as I believe in myself. I’m a damn good writer and I have a story to tell. It will happen.

I use this attitude with my clients as well. Most don’t believe it’s that easy. I had a girl tell me the other day, “so, I’m 100 pounds overweight, but if I dreamed of being a supermodel, you’re telling me it could happen?” I showed her a picture of Velvet D’Amour, who walked her first runway show at 350 pounds who I had recently interviewed for my social website…one of my many dreams which has opened door after door. My client looked at me and said, “That could never be me.” And I replied, “not with that attitude.” But that was exactly the same attitude I had several months earlier.

Dreams are not accomplished alone…they take the collective work of many people. You have to share your dreams with others and ask for help. Everyone knows my desire to publish my book as well as they know I want to be out of debt. Everyone knows about my dream wedding…and EVERYONE knows about my desire to be in great shape! There has to be a sense of accountability to accomplish your dreams so others are as invested as you are. Other people will believe in you and in your dreams…if you ask them for help! It makes us feel good to help others accomplish their dreams. (Anyone who wants to help me with mine…come forth!)

I no longer believe that we can’t achieve our dreams. I simply believe that we are offered obstacles which are barriers we have to work around to make them happen. And when we accomplish those dreams…we must, as Oprah says, simply dream a bigger dream. And I’m already working on that list…because we’re on borrowed time as it is!


2 thoughts on “what dreams may come…

  1. Peter:
    You sound a lot like me. Over the past few years my life has been in MAJOR transition. I began very slowly. When I realized it was totally my own choice, how I wanted this “story of my life” to turn out, I put my rear in gear and never looked back!

    Unlike you, I never had any desire to write a book. Actually, I never considered myself much of a writer because someone in my youth discouraged me from writing things down so “they wouldn’t bite me in the butt” and that stuck with me for a long time. Anyway, check out my website and you’ll see that I not only wrote a book but continue it with a blog that has become very important to me.

    Yes, it would have been nice not to get all of the rejections from agents and publishers, but it was a learning experience for me and I got some great advice. When a couple agents agreed that the book could have a good future (after a year of queries)I decided against using them because I was tired of waiting around for something to happen in someone else’s timing. They said it would probably be another year or so before the book would actually be released. So, I self published, do all of the “free” marketing I can do, and have a blast meeting all of the people I never would have met if I let someone else do this.

    I am not suggesting you go my route. I’m just suggesting that if I can finish a book and actually have people buy it and enjoy it (strangers to me, not only my family and friends) then someone with intent and drive should do well. I wish you luck and great reward!

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