Everything Must Go!!!

Ok, this is half serious and half joking, but the truth is, I’ve spent the better part of last night and today in my basement going through all of my mother’s junk and the crap that I’ve added to it since I moved in. Alex doesn’t even like to go down in the basement because he thinks it looks like a scene from the television show Hoarders. So yesterday I decided I would go through my stuff and see what I could see on E-Bay being that I’ve had so many people tell me how easy it is to sell things on the site.

Easy to POST things to sell…not as easy to actually sell them. I think I’m finding that nobody really wants my crap anymore than I do. I’ve now listed about 10 things, almost becoming maniacal in my need to post and sell and be a leader in the online market. It’ll never happen. I can’t sell one thing, not even an old Cabbage Patch Doll from 1985. But in her defense, I’ve gotten a little creative with the description. For example, I named her Sally Sue and shared how she really needed some lovin, at the ripe price of $30 or more, because she had been foster housed in a basement for almost 30 years. A dollar a year for dear old Sally Sue, not much to ask of the highest bidder. But there she sits, her face peering out at me from the computer screen and I’m wondering if maybe she would have gotten a bid at a buck fifty.

I had thought about having a garage sale, but that’s way too much trouble and I don’t have the time. I mean, the reality is, I just want this stuff gone, but I want to make some money too. What’s crazy is I have some amazing stuff here that I need to get rid of because it’s just too much to look at anymore. Like my mother’s huge secretary desk, or the ten authentic oriental rugs around the house. Or two, amazing couches and antique tables, a silver-plated silver wear set, a smith corona typewriter and an original betamax plus thousand and thousands of rare books, first editions and record albums…most importantly, a Beatles White Album fully intact that will never leave this house!

But I just kind of want it gone. I’d like to pay off a few bills and clean house at the same time. I definitely won’t just throw it away or give it away, but if you’re interested…just let me know. By the way, I also have listed a Blackberry Pearl, a Coleco Vision Game System with 14 games from 1985 and a Tag Heuer Watch in good condition. Help me out before I drown…cuz we’re on borrowed time as it is! And if there’s something you’ve been looking for awhile…ask, chances are I have it buried deep within the recesses of our basement! (Serious entries email me at ppa72@aol.com)


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