Snow Day Realizations

Earlier, I was in the garage, sorting through some of my junk when I started getting frustrated at all of the melting snow forming absolute lakes on the floor, damaging old Sorry and Monopoly games. I began cursing throwing the games in the trash, pissed because now I had to run out and buy replacements, even though I haven’t played either one in years. Suddenly, I stood up and looked at my car and realized…I hadn’t had to scrape snow or ice off of my car once this year. Now, living in a house with a garage, I left every day, able to just back out into the winter wonderland and take off, my car just as clean, or dirty, as it had been the day before. I somehow seemed to had forgotten that for years and years I woke up at least a half an hour early every morning in the winter, just to start my car and clean the winters, complaining the entire time about how cold my face and hands were in the icy chill.

Maybe, I realized, we easily forget to live with an attitude of gratitude and instead our level of complaint just change as we age or our circumstances differ. Maybe, I needed a reality check. I grabbed one of my favorite books, “”8,879 Words of Wisdom” and began flipping through, reading any statement that jumped out at me.

“Don’t underestimate your power to change yourself”

“Circumstances do not make a person, they reveal a person’s character”

“Never take advice from someone who is in worse shape than you are”

“Learn to live in the present moment”

“Never delight in another’s misfortune”

“Saying hi to a stranger can result in a good friend”

“It is up to you to make your life great”

Amen! Sometimes I just need a recipe for living to help me get back on track…Sometimes, I need a few puddles to help me realize the snow isn’t quite over yet and to enjoy it while it’s still here, because after all, we’re on borrowed time as it is!


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