The Dream Maker…A Proposal


My father is a surgeon and he and I were talking one day about non-compliant patients. “It is really frustrating to me,” He said, “When I have patients who challenge what I recommend after their surgeries or don’t follow my directions, making the situation worse. If they would just listen to me, the results would be in their favor. After all, I’m an expert at what I’m doing. You don’t call a plumber to fix your sink and then stand behind him and tell him what he’s doing wrong. You just let him fix the sink!” Funny how that has stuck in my mind through the years.

A lot of times in therapy, my clients truly hear what I recommend, but do not follow through with any action. I remember a friend of mine had me write down three goals on a note card that I wanted to achieve in the next year. “You’ll be amazed that you’ve accomplished all three and many more if you look at it often.” He was right. A year later, my life had drastically changed for the better.

So allow me to be arrogant for a moment. I believe that in therapy, I am merely a guide following you on your journey, giving advice on where to turn and what direction to take. I do not believe that I am responsible for the changes in your life or your dreams coming true. That is up to you. But I do believe that I can guide any person towards achieving their dreams…in one year! So here is a proposal. Anyone interested, who feels stuck or unmotivated, or has dreams they haven’t achieved, or needs to get out of a bad situation or find a situation or whatever…no matter how big your dream, NO MATTER HOW BIG YOUR DREAM I believe that I can make your dreams come true if you follow exactly what I say, which will all be healthy and from a loving heart…

Any takers? We’ll see…I’m willing to work out offers and make arrangements…best dreamer wins and I will focus my attention on you to make it come true…And I do this also, because dreamers make dreamers out of all of us!

But first, you must believe!


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