Welcome To My Couch…The Journey Begins…

peter-cute3Welcome to my couch! Since you are new, let me introduce myself. My name is Peter Monn and I am a psychotherapist in Indianapolis, Indiana. I have worked in therapeutic environments for fourteen years and have focused much of my attention working with adolescents and addiction. Or more appropriately, teenagers and the poor choices they sometimes make in their lives. Even though I have continued working with adolescents in my private practice, I am working more with women and families and focusing on helping people achieve all of their goals and be as successful as possible. In doing so, it is important to let you in on a little secret. I am extremely direct, painfully vocal and impossibly creative. My attempt is to answer any questions you may pose and let you in on the secrets that have helped my clients and I achieve more success in what most would term my unconventional methods. No question will go unanswered. That is a promise. So please, grab a pillow, and join me as our journey begins…

If you have any questions you are uncomfortable asking on this blog, feel free to email directly at ppa72@aol.com or call me at my office at (317)796-3101.


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