Enhance Your Soul Fool!…10 Books/Movies For Summer


When I first started this blog, it was intended to be designed to meet the needs of my clients or at least serve as an online therapist. What has resulted is a personal diatribe of my feelings, emotions and beliefs; probably not much unlike my private practice. Needless to say, I’ve gotten more clients and responses than I would have imagined, most focusing on reader’s saying they relate to my authenticity. So, I will continue in the same vain, and just put out there what’s in my head, or at least what has helped me get through life this far. It isn’t much, but it’s enough. I have a wonderful life!

So, in my last blog I commented that I was going to make a list of the ten books/movies you should indulge in this summer to enhance your soul. Here it goes, in no particular order…

10 Books That Will Make Your Summer Amazing!
1. Endless Night…Richard Layman…A terrifying read
2. Summer…Alice Low…Annual Summer Starter!
3. Rule of the Bone…Russell Banks
4. She’s Come Undone…Wally Lamb…Just read it!
5. Ferris Beach…Jill McKorkle…For anyone who has encountered a great friend!
6. Cruddy…Lynda Barry
7. Speed Queen/The Night Country…Stewart O’Nan…Must Reads Anytime!
8. The Sun Also Rises/The Garden of Eden…Ernest Hemingway
9. Help I’m a Prisoner in the Library…Eth Cliffard…Awww being a kid again!
10.Stargirl/Love Stargirl/Eggs…Jerry Spinelli…These are the world’s best unknown books…THE BEST!

10 Movies That Are Great to Watch in the Summer…Because I Said So Dammit!
1. Rear Window
2. Thelma And Louise
3. The Scream series
4. I Know What You Did Last Summer
5. Out of Africa
6. I Know My First Name is Stephen…or any Lifetime Made for TV movie…but this is the best!
7. Wild at Heart or Mulholland Drive…David Lynch is spooky strange in the summer
8. Gypsy 87
9. My Dog Skip
10.And of course…TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD!!!

You know…I get extremely excited talking to people about books and movies…please send me suggestions on movies or books. I will definitely follow up and comment on my findings. But nonetheless…read, watch, enjoy, and enhance your soul before it’s too late…we’re on borrowed time as it is!

Welcome To My Couch…The Journey Begins…

peter-cute3Welcome to my couch! Since you are new, let me introduce myself. My name is Peter Monn and I am a psychotherapist in Indianapolis, Indiana. I have worked in therapeutic environments for fourteen years and have focused much of my attention working with adolescents and addiction. Or more appropriately, teenagers and the poor choices they sometimes make in their lives. Even though I have continued working with adolescents in my private practice, I am working more with women and families and focusing on helping people achieve all of their goals and be as successful as possible. In doing so, it is important to let you in on a little secret. I am extremely direct, painfully vocal and impossibly creative. My attempt is to answer any questions you may pose and let you in on the secrets that have helped my clients and I achieve more success in what most would term my unconventional methods. No question will go unanswered. That is a promise. So please, grab a pillow, and join me as our journey begins…

If you have any questions you are uncomfortable asking on this blog, feel free to email directly at ppa72@aol.com or call me at my office at (317)796-3101.